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My name is Kim Davies and I have worked in the Health & Beauty Industry for over 35 years working with global brands such as Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Zelens and for the last 9 years - Omorovicza.

When we reach our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, if we are not at our optimum wellbeing, our bodies feel out of balance and our general health can suffer affecting our hair, nails and skin. We can feel tired, lethargic and generally ‘out of sorts’ without being able to put our finger on the exact problem.

Fitness & Beauty, for me are intrinsically linked and over the past 9 years I have trained and qualified as a Facial Therapist, Fitness Teacher in the Bagot Stack System (FLexercise), Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. The combination improved my general wellbeing and helped me achieve new found energy levels and reach goals I never imagined.

I am passionate about skincare and following a good daily skincare regime is a must for me. Whatever products we use, daily cleansing and moisturising are essential in my view, whilst exfoliating, gentle peels and deep cleansing masks, once a week, help give ageing skin a fresher more youthful appearance. My aim is to make skincare easy to understand and use, as well as educating people how to improve their skin in an easy-to-follow regime at home.

I am also a great believer in complementary therapy, particularly reflexology, it helps restore my body’s balance, which in turn increases my energy levels.  Indian Head Massage helps to relieve the tension and stresses of our everyday lives and regular facials help keep the signs of ageing at bay and allow skin to achieve a healthy natural glow.

Exercise is essential to keep us fit, flexible and alert as we get older and believe me you are never too old to start. At 53 I took up running for the first time. Running a 5K in September 2011, building to a 10K in May 2012 and completed the London Marathon 2013 in 6 hours, not bad for a first attempt. FLexericse classes helped me prepare for running by strengthening muscles, increasing my stamina and core stability work improved my balance.

If we do not challenge ourselves, then we do not achieve our full potential.  At 61 my passion now is about walking – strolling, hiking, power walking, and I am a qualified Nordic Walking (the one with poles) Instructor – it doesn’t matter which, as I enjoy them ALL.

Being able to exercise and keep the body moving, at any age, in the beauty of the outdoors, or dancing away to some FAB music, for me is an essential part of life. This year I will undertake another Ultra Challenge Walk….I love a new project!

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Mumbles Swansea United Kingdom SA3 4DS

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